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The Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technology (FEET) prepares BEng, MEng and PhD students in the specialty "Electronics". FEET was founded in 1987. after the separation of the former faculty of radioelectronics, existing since 1963, The training in Electronics began in 1961/62 with specializations "Semiconductor Electronics", "Industrial Electronics" and "Computing Machines and Devices", and in 1967, finishes her first class.

Today at FEET students are trained in the broad-field specialty "Electronics" with the following modules and their subjects:

Biomedical Engineering

Medical electronic equipment, Methods, devices and systems of data acquisition and transformation, Nuclear electronics, Biomedical engineering, Sensor circuits and devices, Equipment for medical diagnostic images

Electronic Control Systems

Electronic control systems, Optoelectronic and laser industrial devices, Design of analog integrated circuits, Design of digital integrated circuits, Automated industry management, Computer networks and communications

Power Electronics

Power electronic converters, Computer aided design of power electronic circuits, Electronic technological systems, Power electronics devices, Power electronics, Control Systems for Power Electronic Converters


Microelectronic materials science, Microelectronic circuitry, Automation of engineering in microelectronics, Design and manufacturing of electronic equipment, Automotive micromodules and microelectronic systems, Surface mounting technique

Annual Conference Electronics

Dept. of Microelectronics

Dept. of Electronics

Dept. of Power Electronics

Dept. of Chemistry